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Rolling out Firefox 56

Jan 11, 2018

We are upgrading Firefox to version 56. But this is more than just a browser update, we are completely changing how we manage Firefox instances. We're bringing better availability, stability and session separation.

We will roll out Firefox progressively, without any down time, starting with free instances (#12 and #27), then premium instances and finally private instances.

Update to the remaining mobile instances

Sep 2, 2017

Updated mobile instances We have updated some of the mobile instances to the new version. The remaining mobile browsers will be updated shortly.

Different resolution

Be aware that the default resolution for the new mobile versions might be different than the existing resolution. For example, the iPhone5 will be 320px by 580px with a default scale of 2 (instead of the current 640px by 1136px). You can still get the scale used for the screenshot as part of the API call screenshot/info.

Update to all Chrome and mobile instances

Aug 16, 2017

New Chrome and mobile instances We are in the process of upgrading all Chrome and mobile versions. This will be done over the next couple of weeks.

API 1.18: get list of links

Aug 13, 2017

Tags: API

API update We have made a small update to screenshot/info : you can now retrieve the list of links on a page. This can help you use Browshot to crawl a site and take screenshot of all pages.

New Chrome 60 and iPhone7 instances

Aug 4, 2017

New Chrome and iPhone instances We are doing major upgrade of the Chrome and Mobile instances. You can test the new chrome 60 (instance #35) and iPhone 7 (instance #67) for free during the beta tests. The goal is to replace all Chrome and mobile (Android & iOS) instances with the new versions in a couple of weeks. These new instances bring improved speed and reliability.

After the end of the beat test, the iPhone 7 will be available as a premium or private instance only.

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