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Code samples for Ruby, new library

Aug 4, 2016

Tags: Libraries Ruby

Download code samples for Ruby After adding code samples for Perl, PHP and Python, you can now download and run examples for Ruby on the API Documentation page.

Download and run code samples for Ruby
Code samples from the API documentation

We've updated the Ruby library to version 1.16. You can install it from Rubygem or from our site.

Code samples for Perl, PHP and Python

Jul 30, 2016

Tags: Python Libraries Perl PHP

Download code samples in Perl, PHP and Python We've added code samples in Perl, PHP and Python for all API calls on the API Documentation page. We have also updated the corresponding libraries to 1.16. You can update the Browshot library through your package manager: CPAN, Composer and PyPi.

Download code samples for Perl, PHP or Python
Code samples from the API documentation

If you check the API Documentation page while you are logged in, you an download the code samples and execute them without any change. Your API key has been filled into the code. If you're not logged in, you need to edit the file to enter your API code before executing the script.

Download code samples for Perl, PHP or Python
Code sample from the API documentation

New Google Chrome 51 browser

Jul 17, 2016

Google Chrome 51 available at Brwoshot We have added Google Chrome 51 to Browshot. Like every new browser version we add, Chrome 51 will be available as a free browser for 1 to 2 weeks. Then, Chrome 51 will be available for all countries (USA, Australia, UK and Germany) as a premium browser. At that time, we will retire the older Chrome version: #72, #282 and #13.

Google Chrome is available as instance_id 26:

This new Chrome version handles all the custom request options, except POST data: custom headers, custom referrer, script injection, etc. It resolves all the stability issues you may have encountered with the old Chrome versions.

We have a new blog!

Jul 17, 2016

This is our new blog We have a new home for our blog! When we started in 2011, we put our blog on Blogger. As Browshot's design evolved, the blog stayed pretty much the same. It was time to move the blog back into the main site.

The move should be seamless. We have redirected all links from to The RSS feed has been redirected too. We have turned off the comments on the blog but we should add them back soon. You can always contact us by e-mail of through the website.

New tool to take screenshots on Windows

May 28, 2016

Tags: Python Libraries Perl Ruby

You can already take screenshots from the command line on Linux and Mac OS X by using the various HTTP libraries like curl, wget and fetch. But there was no equivalent on Windows.

We are making browshot-cmd.exe, a command line tool, available on Windows to take screenshots through Browshot. The full documentation and download link are available on our website.

You can use browshot-cmd.exe to schedule screenshots on Windows.

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