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Node.js module for Browshot

Sep 1, 2019

Tags: Libraries Node.js

Take web site screenshots with Node.js We have released a Node.js module for Browshot. The module is available through npm. The source code is available on github. You can find more details on our Node.js page.

As usual, we have added code samples for all API calls on the API documentation page. The code samples include your API key if you are logged in, they can be downloaded and run as it.

Download and run code samples for Node.js
Code samples from the API documentation

We also have libraries for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and C# .Net.

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Chrome 75 available

Jun 8, 2019

We have upgraded Chrome to version 75, the latest version from Google at this time.

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Recent changes - Chrome 70 and more

Nov 25, 2018

Tags: api

Chrome 70 We keep making small changes to Browshot to follow browser releases but also to respond to customer requests. There have been many improvements and additions over the last few months.

Chrome 70

Chrome has been updated to version 70. There have been a number of improvements, including:

  • better handling of lazy-loading images
  • improved Flash support

API updates

We have updated our API to handle some new use cases for our customers:

  • S3: you can make screenshots completely private in your S3 bucket with the new option private=1 (screenshot/host) or hosting_private=1 (screenshot/create). By default, screenshots uploaded to S3 are publicly readable.
  • Screenshot details: we have changed the type of information displayed for each level of details. This change was done to speed up several API call wit the default level of details.
  • Screenshot creation: we have added a max_wait parameter to define a maximum delay to wait after the page has been downloaded. This is useful to not wait for analytics or other external scripts that may take a very long time to load.

The Python library for Browshot has been updated to version 1.21.1. A new package has been uploaded to PyPi to fix the import issue reported.

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Dealing with abuses

May 16, 2018

We designed Browshot and Thumbalizr to be very easy to try out. You can create a free account and try some screenshots without verifying your e-mail address. You can even make a screenshot without registering at all. We had some abuses in the past but they did not impact the service. Since free users and paying customers use different browsers, they affected only other free users who had to wait longer for their screenshot to finish. But recently, we had to deal with a different type of abuse.

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days. Many of them offer users to gain free coins by doing heavy computation for them, typically to validate transactions. It is now possible to do the computation in the browser through many Javascript libraries. These Javascript mining libraries have been used in several websites, pushed by the publisher to make money off their visitors, or through malicious advertising. In the past few weeks, hundreds of fake account were created on Browshot and Thumbalizr and an excessive number of demos were requested. All of them pointed to different pages running cryptocurrency mining. Because of the very high CPU resources used by these sites, this impacted all browsers running on the same server.

We have disabled the fake accounts and strengthen our registration process and demos to avoid further abuses. We did this without making it harder for legitimate users to test out Browshot or Thumbalizr.

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API change: 10x faster

May 10, 2018

Tags: API

We have updated the API to version 1.20. We've changed what information is displayed for each level of details and introduced details=0. With details=0, you get most of the information from details=1 but 10 times faster! This make a big difference for API calls that return information about multiple screenshots, such as screenshot/list and screenshot/search. This is now default value for screenshot/create, screenshot/info, screenshot/list and screenshot/search.

Go take a look at the API documentation page, we have highlighted the changes there.

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