Real browsers
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Virtual Devices Desktop Mobile: iPhone 3, iPhone 4, Nexus S (Android), etc.
Tablet: iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, etc.
Private instances & Private servers:
create your own device
Screen resolution 1024x768, 1600x1200 360x480 to 1900x1200 Private instances & Private servers:
1x1 to 5000x10000 (any ratio)
Screenshot size Screen, full page Screen, full page Screen, full page
Thumbnails Any size, any ratio Any size, any ratio Any size, any ratio
Number of simultaneous screenshots depends on number of users 100+ per user
(contact us for more)
Private instances: 10 to 100 per
browser (guaranteed)

Private servers: up to 10,000/hour
per server
API Libraries Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, C# Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, C# Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#
Hosting Premium/Private: S3, Browshot Premium/Private: S3, Browshot Premium/Private: S3, Browshot
Server IP Germany Germany, USA
Private instances & Private servers:
Germany, UK, USA, Australia
and more
Price limited to 100 per month 1 credit per
screenshot (Desktop)
2 credits per screenshot
Private instances & Private servers:
Contact us








10 credits

60 credits

300 credits

1,000 credits

3,000 credits

8,000 credits








20,000 credits

45,000 credits

125,000 credits

300,000 credits

Contact Us

Contact Us

Monthly subscriptions available at a discount. Contact us for more details

Feature details

Free browsers

The purpose of the free browsers is to let users familiarize themselves with Browshot at no cost, as well as try the API, and discover the dashboard.

The choice of browsers and screen resolutions is reduced. Since these browsers are shared between all users, the response time may be slower. See also: Need more free screenshots?.

Private browsers

Private browsers are created on demand for high volume customers, or for custom virtual browsers (iPhone 13, etc.). Please contact us if you're interested in finding out more about custom browsers.

Private servers

You can get one or more private servers. Each server can handle up to 10,000 screenshots request per hour. Please contact us for more information on private servers.


We use real desktop and mobile browsers. This mean we are able to support all the latest technologies as they appear: HTML5, CSS3, etc. Mobile browsers support auto-scale, just like your iPhone or Android. Each feature (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/Image loading) can be enabled and disabled on demand.

We also follow redirections.


We have a complete API to interact with Browshot: these features, and many more, are available from your dashboard and can be used through the API. We provide open-source libraries, with complete unit tests, for Perl, Python and Ruby. We plan to make libraries available for more languages.

Premium browsers

Premium browsers require credits. You can get free credits by signing up to our newsletter from your dashboard. Alternatively, you can buy more credits through PayPal. Pricing ranges from $1 to $1,000.

We offer more than 30 different virtual browsers: iOS tablets (iPad, iPad2), iPhone, Android, and desktop browsers. You can get the full list from your dashboard.

We ensure that there is always a sufficient amount of browsers available to accept new screenshots.


You can request thumbnails of any size and ratio for each screenshot. Additionally, you can request multiple thumbnails of the same screenshot at no added cost.

Real time

Screenshots are done in real time. You can request a screenshot for any domain, any URL, at any time.


Taking a screenshot is very fast (only a few milliseconds!), as long as the target page has been fully loaded first. Because we are able to detect the correct time required before taking the screenshot. This is why the average time, including page load, to finish your screenshot is a mere 15s. If a web page takes too long to load (more than 2 minutes), the screenshot is aborted automatically. We do not charge for failed screenshots (page too long to load, domain not reachable, etc.).

Special demands

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require higher volumes, a custom browser, or for any other features you may need.

We are working on many new features and improvements to make Browshot the most complete and user-friendly screenshot service. Check out our blog for announcements.

Need more free screenshots?

If you use Browshot for a free and public service, we can increase the number of free screenshots available to you. Please contact us to work out a special arrangement.


All thumbnails and screenshots can be downloaded locally from your account. We are also
available to host your screenshots and thumbnails (see the hosting API).


Browshot can upload your screenshots and thumbnails to your S3 account. You need to provide us with the bucket name of where to upload the files, with the correct ACLs.


We can also host your screenshots on our own server, accessible over HTTPS as well. Contact us to enable this feature for your account, and for pricing information.

Files are served from the closest location using geo-DNS: US, UK, Germany or Australia.


Some websites, like Google and YouTube, send different content to users in different countries. We
provide different IP addresses in different countries so that you can choose which content to
retrieve. We currently offer Europe (Germany), UK, USA and Australia. Please contact us if you need
a different country.