Browshot extended status page

Updates on the availability of the Browshot website and API are posted at along with planned upgrades of the service.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed and to e-mail alerts to get real-time notifications.


You can also get the up-time measured by a third party at

Browshot network

We operate more than 15 servers in the world (private servers and Our architecture is very dynamic: we add and remove servers according to our customers' demands.

All important services are redundant: databases, cache, distributed file systems, etc. Browshot is still fully operational if one or more servers go down.

For better performances, users access through their closest access point.

Map of Browshot servers

Browshot monitoring

We have multiple layers of monitors to ensure that Browshot keeps running smoothly.

Passive monitoring

On each server, we monitor the resources (CPU usage, disk space, network traffic, etc.) as well as metrics specific to Browshot (API response time, number of screenshots processed, etc.).

We use the information to ensure that we have enough resources to support the growth of Browshot.

Active monitoring

All services are actively monitored and restarted automatically as needed.

Third party monitoring

The website and the API are checked every minute from different locations in the world. If a server is unreachable, it is automatically taken out of the DNS resolution, and automatically added back when it is reachable again.

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About Us

Browshot is a web service to create real time web screenshots in a multitude of virtual devices, including mobile devices like the iPhone 3 & 4, iPad, Android Nexus, etc.

You can use the web dashboard, or our full-featured API.

  • Real time screenshots

  • 15+ mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

  • 30+ desktop resolutions

  • Fast and reliable

  • Thumbnails of any size, any ratio

  • Full API, open-source libraries