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With Browshot, you can take screenshots of pages behind a login. We support the following authentication mechanisms:

  • Basic authentication: add the username and password in the URL -
  • Session cookies: add a cookie for a valid session to your requests
  • Login forms: fill out a username and password in a login form with the automation steps

You can also whitelist our IPs (contact us to get the list) to access private content.

Browshot is a great service to take screenshots of a dashboard for your SaaS.

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About Us

Browshot is a web service to create real time web screenshots in a multitude of virtual devices, including mobile devices like the iPhone 3 & 4, iPad, Android Nexus, etc.

You can use the web dashboard, or our full-featured API.

  • Real time screenshots

  • 15+ mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

  • 30+ desktop resolutions

  • Fast and reliable

  • Thumbnails of any size, any ratio

  • Full API, open-source libraries