Chrome 51 now available Here are some of the updates to Browshot we rolled out in September:

Chrome 51

We've upgraded all Chrome instances to Chrome 51 browser. We are seeing much faster and better screenshots. The errors we were seeing with the old versions are gone.

Core server in the US

We are rolling out a new core server in the US to follow our higher demand of US instances. This new server will allow us faster screenshots in the USA.

Faster API

We've made significant performance improvements for the API calls that return a list of screenshots or instances: screenshot/list, instance/list. Internal APIs have been improved to shorten the processing of all screenshots.

Other bug fixes and improvements

Feedback: using the feedback form could result in an error (but the message was sent correctly).

Dashboard: retrieving the list of shared screenshots got faster.

Firefox: use a white background instead of black when taking screenshots of images.