Chrome 70 We keep making small changes to Browshot to follow browser releases but also to respond to customer requests. There have been many improvements and additions over the last few months.

Chrome 70

Chrome has been updated to version 70. There have been a number of improvements, including:

  • better handling of lazy-loading images
  • improved Flash support

API updates

We have updated our API to handle some new use cases for our customers:

  • S3: you can make screenshots completely private in your S3 bucket with the new option private=1 (screenshot/host) or hosting_private=1 (screenshot/create). By default, screenshots uploaded to S3 are publicly readable.
  • Screenshot details: we have changed the type of information displayed for each level of details. This change was done to speed up several API call wit the default level of details.
  • Screenshot creation: we have added a max_wait parameter to define a maximum delay to wait after the page has been downloaded. This is useful to not wait for analytics or other external scripts that may take a very long time to load.

The Python library for Browshot has been updated to version 1.21.1. A new package has been uploaded to PyPi to fix the import issue reported.