Use web hooks to be notified when a screenshot is done. We have added a new parameter to the screenshot/create API call. You can specify a URL, the web hook, to send notifications to.

When a screenshot is done (status: finished or error), Browshot will send a POST request to your URL. The body of the request contains the JSON data describing the screenshot as returned by the API call screenshot/info. If the URL does not return the status code 20X or times out, the notification will be retried up to 2 times.

Test your URL

You can test your URL by sending a POST request like this:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{\
         "id": "12589",\
         "status": "finished",\
         "screenshot_url": "",\
         "priority": "12",\
         "url": "",\
         "size": "screen",\
         "width": "1024",\
         "height": "768",\
         "request_time": "1312106111",\
         "started": "1312258803994",\
         "load": "1312258829461",\
         "content": "1312258829661",\
         "finished": "1312258829681",\
         "instance_id": "12",\
         "response_code": "200",\
         "final_url": "",\
         "scale": "1",\
         "cost": "0",\
         "referer": "",\
         "post_data": "foo=bar",\
         "cookie": "",\
         "delay": "5",\
         "flash_delay": "10",\
         "script": "",\
         "shared_url": "",\
         "details": 2\
     }' \